Finding a Good DUI Lawyer

  • An ethical lawyer does not make promises regarding the outcome of a case. In the DUI field, the results are never guaranteed. 
  • Good DUI lawyers can get access to blood and breath analysis and technical expert witnesses in police procedures. They should be able to get blood samples reanalyzed at a lab.
  • What do the fees look like in the written contract? Are costs for blood reanalysis, subpoena costs, expert testimony, trial, and DMV license hearings considered extras or part of the total? Is the fee solely the retainer fee, or is it included in the total?
  • An article from American Bar Association Journal on drunk driving specialization explains that the field of DUI defense is very complex and technical. Does the attorney in question work on drunk driving cases exclusively? If not, then how many of their total caseload are related to DWI and DUI cases?

Just three law firms in the state of California practice in DUI defense exclusively and are also “A-V” rated (very good to preeminent) by the Martindale-Hubbell International Directory of Attorneys.

Of the three, two of the firms are led by former Deans of the National College for DUI Defense, both board-certified with the support of the American Bar Association. One of these firms has offices in Irvine and Orange.

Law Offices of Taylor & Taylor: Orange County DUI Attorneys

A premier law firm handling DUI defense cases exclusively since 1979. The firm’s founder, Lawrence Taylor, is a former prosecutor, Fulbright professor of law, and dean of the National College for DUI Defense. He is the author of the widely cited DUI defense books California Drunk Driving Defense, 6th edition, and Drunk Driving Defense, 8th edition. The firm is featured in the Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers and is one of the rare firms that has its own technical expert support staff with law enforcement and DMV and blood/breath alcohol experts.

For more information about how to find DUI attorneys in Orange County and around the nation:

National College for DUI Defense Organization of lawyers who specialize in drunk driving defense.

California Drunk Driving Law Guide Legal resources with recommendations for high DUI defense attorneys.

Orange County DUI

Orange County DUI is a reference resource to aid citizens who are charged with drunk driving. Its goal is to counter the work of organizations and individuals advancing unfair laws and procedures, extremely severe penalties, violations of the constitution, and the reinstatement of Prohibition. More resources about DUI topics like unconstitutional roadblocks, undue criminal penalties, and “automatic” license suspensions and revocations can be found at the National Motorists Association.


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