DUI lawyer fees will differ depending on many considerations, including but not limited to: specialization, experience, reputation, accident or injuries, children in car, speeding, blood-alcohol level, test refusal, prior criminal record, and more.

Make sure to consider the experience and reputation of the attorney as well as their ability to expose vulnerabilities in prosecution cases.

Beware of Low Charging Attorneys

Low cost does not justify the time, attention, and the court appearance needed from an attorney to achieve a good outcome for your case. These same attorneys usually attempt to deal with cases via phone, which is an unsuccessful and nearly impossible method to defend against a suspension. Beware of inexperienced attorneys with bad reputations who do not specialize in this complex field.

Be sure to always request to meet your lawyer face-to-face. Ask them for reliable information, and to see their experience and credentials such as where they practiced law, their graduation dates, and certificates. If this information is not easily found on a firm’s website, that is a sign of a lack of credentials and proper experience.

Stay away from lawyers who:

  1. Graduated from unaccredited colleges and law schools.
  2. Do not have sufficient experience as a lawyer or in the DUI field.
  3. Represent clients with a wide variety of criminal charges instead of specializing in DUI defense.
  4. Buy advertising on TV, radio, in newspapers or mail (also known as “jail mail”).
  5. Boast of high “win rates” in court or at DMV hearings.
  6. Guarantee results and advertise themselves fictitiously as authors of DUI defense books that are in truth self-published and solely for advertising purposes.

Below is a spectrum of fees from DUI lawyers in Southern California. The range for a first offense DUI arrest can be a helpful benchmark, but should not be considered set in stone:


$1000 – 2000 Minimal experience and competence, little time spent on the case, no costs covered.
$2500 – 3500 Some experience, competence and time given to the case.
$4000 – 7500 Experienced DUI specialist, good reputation with prosecutors and judges, extensive time devoted to the case, most costs covered short of jury trial.

At the Law Offices of Taylor & Taylor, our fees do not have any hidden charges. We gladly take credit cards and offer payment plans to work with you. We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality representation at a competitive cost. We have your best interests at heart. Contact us anytime to discuss fees without any obligation or cost.

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