County Courts, Prosecutors & Police

Orange County Superior Courts
Directions/maps, contact information, and addresses for all Orange County courts.
Includes locations of courts, jurisdictions by city, how to appear in court, failure to appear, how to get copies of criminal records, and more.

Orange County Public Defender’s Office
Contact information and phone numbers for those who require a public defender due to lack of funds for criminal legal representation.

Orange County District Attorney
This resource contains an introduction to the criminal legal justice system, the basics of prosecution, and contact information including addresses, directions, maps, and phone numbers of office locations. The District Attorney prosecutes all felonies in Orange County and all misdemeanor offenses except for those in the city of Anaheim.

Anaheim City Attorney
Prosecutes all misdemeanors committed within the City of Anaheim.

California Highway Patrol
Statewide office locations.

Orange County California Government Web Site
Orange County, California’s official government site.

Legal Aid Society of Orange County, CA
Free, civil legal services for low-income persons and seniors residing in Orange County, California and southeast Los Angeles County.

City Government for Orange County

Orange County Law Enforcement Agencies

Orange County Superior Courts Locations

City Websites

Orange County DUI

Orange County DUI is a reference resource to aid citizens who are charged with drunk driving. Its goal is to counter the work of organizations and individuals advancing unfair laws and procedures, extremely severe penalties, violations of the constitution, and the reinstatement of Prohibition. More resources about DUI topics like unconstitutional roadblocks, undue criminal penalties, and “automatic” license suspensions and revocations can be found at the National Motorists Association.


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